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Pierre Bourdieu & Loic Wacquant “NewLiberalSpeak”

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Bourdieu, Pierre; Loic Wacquant 2001. NewLiberalSpeak: Notes on the New Planetary Vulgate. Radical Philosophy 105: 2-5.

An empirical  analysis  of the  trajectory  of the  advanced  economies  over the  longue  duree  suggests,  in contrast,  that  ‘globalization’  is  not  a new  phase  of capitalism,  but  a ‘rhetoric’ invoked  by  governments  in order  to  justify  their voluntary  surrender  to the  financial  markets  and  their  conversion  to  a  fiduciary conception  of the  firm. Far  from  being  -as  we  are  constantly  told -the  inevitable result  of the  growth  of  foreign  trade,  deindustrialization,  growing inequality  and  the retrenchment  of  social  policies  are  the  result  of domestic  political  decisions  that reflect  the  tipping  of the  balance  of class  forces  in favour  of  the  owners  of capital. (4)

The imperialism  of neoliberal  reason  finds  its supreme  intellectual  accomplishment  in two new  figures  of the  cultural  producer  that  are  increasingly  crowding  the autonomous  and  critical  intellectual  born  of the  Enlightenment  tradition  out  of the public scene.  One  is the  expert  who,  in  the shadowy  corridors  of ministries  or company  headquarters,  orin  the  isolation  of  think-tanks,  prepares  highly  technical documents,  preferably  couched  in  economic  or  mathematical  language,  used  to justify  policy  choices  made  on  decidedly  non-technical  grounds. […]  The  other  is the  communication consultant  to  the  prince  -a  defector  from  the  academic  world  entered  into  the service  of the  dominant,  whose  mission  is to  give an  academic  veneer  to the political projects  of the  new  state  and  business  nobility. (5)